LED Acrylic Sign for my niece

Made an LED sign for my niece for Christmas on my Primo. Took two trys, the first came loose while cutting. It was to cold in the shop for carpet tape on the frozen MDF. The 120 degree diamond drag bit works so nice and best of all it’s QUIET. Used an 1/8" 0 flute upcut end mill for the profile cut.

LED Sign on the MPCNC


Very nice… never heard of a “0 flute upcut end mill” before though …so I looked it up. 0 or O !

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Yep the one flute is huge and wide open in an “O” shape. That thing can really evacuate material at a fast pace. Recommended for cutting acrylic (among other things) if I remember right.

Your project came out awesome! Great job!

zero flute is what I’ve heard it called but it is listed as an O (oh) , bought this cheap set on the Amazon lol : O flute set