Latest Firmware

I just uploaded firmware that I got on the site, it does not show the Vicious logo and version displays 1.1.0-1, is that the latest?

I have also been posting to Facebook, not sure if this is a different audience and which is the best way to communicate with you all.

The forums are the best to get ahold of me. FB notifications blow up my phone so I had to turn them off, in turn I never check.

Yes, that is the latest firmware. The logo wasn’t super efficient so I left it out of this one.

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But the logo sure was cool ?

Have you thought about using github for the releases?


I’m actually really trying to come up with a new one. That logo was something from so many years ago just out of high school. I like the logo on the LowRider CNC parts, just trying to fit the words in there as well.

Have you tried MS Paint? You can change the font size to make the words smaller. Also, try different starting places. If you start too close to the end, then they won’t fit.

I went professional this time ?. Sometimes you have to know when it is out of your league. 3rd or 4th try for hiring design/artist is a charm I hope. I actually need to get business cards and stuff, I thought they were a thing from a bygone era. Nope, people still ask for them and when you don’t have one you look like a kid working out of his spare bedroom, hahaha.

If I get a cool one, Mike you will be the first to get some new firmware!

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You mean you’re not??!! ?

Oh, I am, but they don’t need to know that. I went to a trade show last year, design to part, and had some stiff in a suit laugh when I asked about getting the hardware kitted, he says “what company?” So I found another company that appreciates my business, J&M Fasteners, and they seem to go to great lengths for me.

Well, I guess I don’t really qualify as a “kid” in years but my mentality does.

You should just go to one of those local restaurants with the fish bowl for business card contests and steal them all, then have an MPCNC draw your logo and info on the back.

That would be hilarious. I might have to do that for MRFF. Draw draw the logo on top of other stickers in sharpie.

My wife’s business cards are 3D-ish. They’re two layer with her logo as a second layer. Makes them stand out in the fish bowls!
Card’s a little beat up, it lives in my wallet.

A stamp collector friend has his cards perforated on one side… Those of us in the know get a kick out of it and everyone else just thinks he’s creative (which he is). :wink:

Well the first round of art came back, with a few minor tweaks I think I can make one of them work. I’ll put up a new post to see if you guys like it at all when it gets closer.

Then I’ll show y’all the cards I have in mind!

I think I ran into that suit at one of the Design2Part shows (“No, sorry - I don’t have any business cards on me”) - although to be fair, I’ve gotten some really good info and advice there too. Lots of interesting stuff to look at and ask about. I always see products and processes I was unaware of. Worth going to at least once, and admission is free.

  • Al

Al, I do like the show, this year though they had it the same time as makerfaire. Ha, so I went to the one with the least amount of suits…

I worked for a company that treated people they way that suit treated you. They always laughed at the little guys and went after big companies. Well, when the economy crashed a few years ago all those big companies vaporized and only the small companies remained… and they had good memories. Our sales guys begged and pleaded for business but it was too late, their arrogance cost our company greatly. I watched 700 people stand in line to get their pink slips and get laid off.

So yeah, suits… screw em’

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