Laser Y rotary axis for the LR3

The kids are back to school, and they said:
“Your kid needs a water bottle, and it must have his name on it”

Challenge accepted! :slight_smile: I had no choice but to engrave it on the bottle! :stuck_out_tongue:
And for this very purpose, I need an Y rotary axis, so…

I found this laser-cut model on printables/thingiverse

It’s pretty simple, works with two motors I already have (and the LR3 is already configured for dual Y motors), no belts, no complicated things… perfect
I had to tweak it a little to adapt to the stock I had, it’s not perfect, but it wasn’t too hard to cut and assemble

Setting up the rotary axis in LightBurn is pretty simple, you just need to measure the distance in mm a whole turn of the motor represents on your machine (32mm in my case for the LR3)

After switching both Y plugs to the new motors, I setup everything roughly perpendicular and straight, and here’s the first test :slight_smile:

Now I need some cool design and a few tests before engraving the real thing :slight_smile:


Dang it @Fabien Now I’ve got something else added to the project list LOL

Ha! this one is pretty quick so you can’t blame me too much :wink:
I got this done in roughly a half a day of work (working on this on and off for the past 3 days)

It’s a nice little addition that doesnt cost anything if, like me, you have spare motors lying around :slight_smile:

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LOL good deal. I don’t have any spare motors laying around but I did just make an order with @vicious1 last night. Going to message him now about adding 2 motors to it if he hasn’t packaged it already LOL

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Okay if you get some free time with it. Can you test how well the wrap works, like is there a noticeable seam from wrapping the design?

Lightburn needs to release that CAM beta already!!! Rotary axis seems to be a huge request again and if they are already doing it well, I wanna see how the CNC version does.


Committed to engraving the real thing

After cleaning with IPA, this turned out pretty well.
It looks gorgeous with the slight shine of the aluminium

It just ended up much narrower than expected so it’s not quite centered as I would have liked but that’s ok


Looks great.

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Not tested yet, but this support is a bit wonky and there’s a ton of play/slip
I tried to make a second pass in the second test, the laser did not return to the initial point, several degrees of difference …

I’d say if you need a wrapping pattern , either avoid it, or maybe use a chuck rather than the rollers design type

Gotcha. There are chuck and tails for just over $100 on aliexpress, and a few printable designs. If I can find a good CAM and a project, I might have to give it a shot.


I’ve been mucking around with my filament dryer, and have ended up putting a sleeve of silicone tubing (12mm ID 16mm OD) on the axles to stop slip - might work there too - I had to buy a metre though.

I am keeping my eye out for that. If it’s half as good as the laser package at the same price it will be a killer!


Yeah, or maybe print some rollers out of tpu
I slapped this together pretty quickly just to get this engraving done before monday, but I Guess it can be improved with more time


This is exactly what I was thinking when you said it was slipping. And was planning to use that as an excuse to get my hands dirty with TPU finally lol

@Fabien what size did you end up making the rollers so it matched up with the correct steps per mm? I’m hoping to print the rollers in TPU today.

They are 21mm in diameter

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