Laser mount for primo

I made a laser mount and finally put forth the effort to posting it!


Cool thanks for posting. So do you need to remove the 660 and this attached to regular 660 mounts?

Sounds awesome. I may want to order one, if it is powerful enough.

how many passes would it take at full power to engrave text deep enough to infill with paint and then sand away the excess? Ever tired that?

This only replaces the front half of the bottom mount for the 660. There are two variations of this mount. One that works with the 660 (all you have to do is replace the that front piece ). The second one is meant to be used with the dewalt removed.

I have not done much with the laser at this point. I imagine that would be possible with the right laser, settings and material. What those are is beyond my knowledge at this time.

Oh that is sweet! you mean you can leave the 660 mounted, and just put on the laser?
so how would that work when lasering do you think? like run the CNC parts, then pause, turn off the router, hook up the laser (all while the steppers are engaged), and then do the laser parts? but make sure you leave room so the laser doesn’t crash into the 0,0 corner at btm left of machine?

You could set up to different g codes and run one after the other. As far as lining things up. The big brain solutions are beyond me. But the rudimentary method I intend to use should do the job.
1.) Zap a location with laser
2.) Use v bit on zap location set the x and y for router (reset all coordinates)
3.) Switch to endmill I intend to use for cuts (if necessary)
4.) Return to zap location home z and reset all coordinates again

Once all cuts are done just return the zap location to line up the laser and run whatever g code you have for the laser. Maybe I’m overthinking things I don’t know. :man_shrugging:

Yeah can picture that thanks! I will have to figure out how to do it with dual end stops. I may need to unhook them and change firmware so it is as easy as you describe.

So just to confirm. With the first version of the brackets you can mount the laser without removing the 660, right?

The file labeled " long mount plate laser " is the one you are looking for

You can get a pretty deep burn with a diode laser on baltic birch plywood by cranking the speed down and cranking the power up. Like getting a mm deep on one pass, which should be sufficient to fill with paint. However, you’d probably want to be using black paint, and you’ll have charring on the sides, so…

I can post some pics I did when testing the power settings on my laser, if you’re interested. One of the other problems is that it’s SLOW. Like, using an engraving bit, but only going a mm deep. You have to do many passes back and forth to carve out a letter. It might work better if you did a single line, but then the charring may overwhelm the paint, so you might as well just burn it and leave it dark.


Printed the long mount in an attempt to attach my laser without having to remove my 660. Unfortunately, the way it fits, the plate portion points downward (i.e. it’s upside down)

My apologies! I have not had the opportunity to put that one on yet. I’m at work now so I can’t modify right now. If you want to make the mod yourself by all means others I will fix it next chance I get. You can use tinkercad it online and free.

So I finally got to this mount and as far as I can tell everything fits fine.


Looks good.

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