Kirimoto beginner - Pocket empty space

Hi all.

For some reason kirimoto imports svgs with holes. I was wondering how I can convert a hole into a pocket?

Take the crown for example, how can I pocket the almost circle jewl?

Hi and welcome!

I’d love to try to help but I’m away from my desk for a few days - Could you perhaps ask the same question at the forum if no one bobs up here?

@stewart is the author of Kiri_Moto and may catch this tag!

I’ll be back Sunday to check how you got on!

Thanks. I’ve posted over there as well now. I cant post links yet and I assume that’s something to do with reply count. So i’ll make this reply to increase my count slightly. With any luck i’ll be able to post a link here if someone comes up with the answer over there.

By the way great work on the whole MPCNC thing. I built mine recently and the whole thing came together incredibly easily. Ive found my weakness though and that is the CAM software. I’ve only drawn one thing and cut 2 things but Ive probably spent more time stumbling my way through CAM than everything else combined.


CAM is not that easy to learn. I for instance am really bad at the whole 3D Fusion 360 thing, then laying out the parts and cutting them. My brain does not like it.
I tried out a lot of free 2D CAD programs, LibreCAD being one that is okay but really weird with some of the settings and ways how to do stuff. I am lucky enough to be a teacher and get AutoCAD for free, so I am using that now and it is working great for me. I am drawing the parts 2D, puzzling it together in 3D in my head (you can see that in my French Cleat drawings or the rocket for instance).
You just have to find a way that makes sense to your brain. :smiley:

Use the trace operation and select the bottom of the hole


tracing the bottom of the hole is not doing it either. I can see the bar along the bottom has a number of presumably paths which are increasing as i place more invisible traces. But when I export the gcode there are only 3 lines and no tool movements.

If I untick the clear option of the trace, the tool paths show but thats not a pocket, thats a a deep cut in a cirular shape which will leave the material in the middle.

Oh I figured it out. I had previously set prefs → units to mm thinking everything would be in mm. However the tool itself also needs the metric tick in order to take tool dimensions as metric. So the software thought my tool was over 3 inches in diameter which is much larger than the hole I was trying to pocket.