Kinetech - LowRider V2 Build

New to the group and working on my first build here,

Will keep this first post kinda short.

Hardware is on order and first run of printed parts are completed.

PLA - Blue - 50% infill - 3 Shells.

I am interested in doing a 2 tone build so I have white cued up to make some replacement parts.

Will be running the RAMBo v1.4 Board.

Going to try running the flat pieces on my laser and doing a engrave and cut pattern using the V1 logo (Photo Attached).

If that fails, I will be doing an engrave and mill version.

Will be doing some sort of modular torsion box table with T-nut top for clamping.

Open to questions and comments, Thanks.

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I like it! Gonna look nice with two tone and the logo looks cool too. What material for the flat pieces? Will it be blue like the image?

Going to make the first attempt out of Poplar ply and see how that goes, may try to laminate some laserable blue and white acrylic to the poplar if it cuts well at that thickness.

Have ordered some clear acrylic to cut some flat stock out of and may try edge lighting it just for the fun of it.


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I haven’t finished my whole build yet but i did the plates with acrylic. it would be cool to light it!

Looks awesome, Nice progress so far.

Cant wait to see the final, I need to invest a bit more time into sorting out what I plan to do for my table.

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Oh man I love the parts…I need to try that out. I can’t wait to see them!

Do you have some sort of art portfolio up somewhere?

Thanks, Wanting to try out some new gear and I have been following your projects for some time now, I personally have not been documenting my projects in the past. I tend to get caught up in the work and never think to document any of it. This is my first attempt to do just that. I do have some random pictures but no real portfolio.

Thanks for the opportunity and making public this information.

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Well dang, keep it up. I like What I see so far and we need more shirt designs…

I am totally open to helping you in that regard, feel free to contact me off-line and we can brainstorm some ideas.

So after dramatic pause I have found some time to make some more progress on my build.

I did both a wood set on some furniture grade plywood and then tried a set on some acrylic I had laying around.

Next phase will be to build the table and clamp system, might keep it straight forward and go with some sort of torsion box system.


DDDAAAAANNNNGGGFG!!! What!?! That is the best looking parts ever, ever ever. You should make a few extra sets for sure. WOW

Looks really nice!!!

I can make extra sets for sure, If anyone is interested in a set or something custom let me know and I will try my best to accommodate, Been reading the forum checking bed designs and options and hope to have my Lowrider up and running soon.


You might want to drop a set in the for sale forum, I have it linked from the shop. That is if you want a little side income. I am sure those amazing looking parts would sell, I want a set but don’t want to rebuild my LowRider right now.

Spent a few days sidetracked printing parts for my MPCNC and doing some board designs and also working on a way for the group to place an order for flat parts if needed, should have the boards this week.

Nothing terribly new of an idea for the shield and motor boards other then I am using 24awg S/FTP and some phoenix spring contacts to make for a tool less install.

The limit switches will be jumper selectable for the motor board they are attached too with each motor shield supporting up to 2 switches.

Still have not decided on table design but I’m sure this is an instance where I am overthinking the end result and just need to build a table.


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So just an update to the group anyone that has been looking for flat parts

Flat Parts Now Available

Made a bit of progress on my table design, completed printing the upgraded parts for my MPCNC and got the shield in for my control board but I inverted the solder mask layer for the motor boards and they came naked so I should have the new ones next week for bench testing current loads before trying them on my machine.

Control shields and motor boards will have top and side insert options based in location.

Going to mount my lowrider to my work bench to cut the pieces for my Gen 1 torsion table and once I get some time with the rig will work on improving the base and any other issues that arise.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and Holiday season, I hope to get some more time to tinker and build.

Till the next time I make some progress, Keep Making and Posting.



Whoa… so nice.

At this point I have printed enough parts for 4.5 machines so if this works as I hope I will have a good solution moving forward if they all get brought to life.

The Lowrider is my first priority but as I hit little road blocks I have managed to make lots of progress on getting my MPCNC started.

Motor Boards came in and I have them assembled, Decided to make a little shield to give them some added support and dress them up a bit.

Going to turn my workbench into a temp platform for the low-rider so I can cut the pieces for the torsion table.

To Be Continued…