Kickstarter - Maslow

Has anyone seen this yet? I just received an email from Make and I think we can do this ourselves!
make - Maslow

Uh, it looks like it can’t lift the bit off the surface or do variable depth. More limited but nifty nevertheless.

Oh your right, I though it was super slick, but for that logo how did it change positions? Maybe it pauses while you lift it up or something. I read about it on hackaday and watched the videos then. Awesome for large 2D cuts but, how do you move it between cuts, I’m sure it’s something obvious we just aren’t seeing. Either way super inexpensive for really high tolerance…1/64"!!

I have to say this is a piece of genius. As you say Ryan, there are questions to be answered like how to you ‘raise’ and ‘lower’ the tool.

But for me, I can stop dreaming of an 8’x4’ MPCNC - at that size I’m only interested in 2d cuts anyway - and focus on a no compromise size.

Very cool that they’re open sourcing the design. I’ve seen lots of plotters on Thingiverse that work the same way. I guess it was only a matter of time before someone scaled it up and strapped a router to it. The encoder feedback is a great addition for precision though. Does anyone know if they’ve already posted the open source design files?


Just read the whole page, looks like a Z axis is in the works but height adjustment is manual for now.