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This has been one of the funnest projects I’ve worked on in along time! I built it primarily to cut foam board, but along the way I have discovered all kinds of possibilities that I can’t wat to try.
I’m stil in the process of re-working little things but she is alive. I redesigned my bed to be “floating” so that I could adjust the height at all four corners to make it perfectly level. I also have the MDF sitting on two pieces of 1/8" aluminum angle bracket to help keep the board perfectly straight and also act as a meathod to get things aligned. seems to have worked- running a dial indicator over the entire surface attached to the z axis indicates a max difference of about .2mm. Im happy with that! (for now.)
Learning how to design my own parts was fun too. I couldn’t find a bracket that I liked to hold the rail for my Z cables so I made my own and it fits perfect. I know I shouldn’t attach anything to the Z so I’m looking at different ways to do it. Although it doesn’t appear to incur much drag at all . I also Made a box for the RAMBo. Hope I’m not violating any copyright laws by using V1’s logo :slight_smile: The only thing I’m not happy with is there is some vibration as the gantry gets to the right side of the machine. Ive loosened up all the tension bolts and that helped but the vibration is still there. I haven’t tried to cut any parts yet so Im not sure if it will be an issue.
I built it to use the dual endstops, but I couldn’t get the firmware to work. My test crown came out as just a bunch of circles. So I rewired the steppers in series and reloaded the original firmware and its working great. All I have left is to wire up the needle cutter power and servo tester. Im super stoked to try this out. I have already converted a plane to G-code and did a trial run without the needle and it all seems to be working.

Nice build! Way too clean…

Your z axis is a good length so the drag should not be as much of an issue for you but no worries for now just use it!

Love the floating bed, that should be everyone’s go to instead of a machine as tall as a giraffe.

If you want to come back to dual endstops later we can get your going, promise. Really though it is best just to get some time on it first anyway, then you can really appreciate the dual for what it is. Then when we revisit them we know all the rest works.

No worries about the logo! I love it!

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Beautiful build! I’d love to hear more about your adjustable bed, I would like to do that on mine. I used the z_mount_fixed.stl part from the following thingiverse project. It attaches to the top XYZ part with a single bolt to clamp it in place, no drilling or anything. It is great for twist-tying power cables, etc. to and has worked very well for me so far.


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Great build. That 0.2mm is impressive. I would not expect that.

I second Ryan’s thought on waiting for dual endstops. Its still very much in beta, and the 2.0 branch is also in beta, so if something goes wrong, it will be hard to tell if it’s because you’re new or the software is new. In a few months, it will be stable and you will know what you’re doing.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking I would try to hold my Z cables! Thanks for the tip!

for the bed- originally I had the spoil board screwed to the frame of the “table” I built. But because 2x4’s aren’t perfect, as soon as I screwed it down there was some twist. Since I’m not initially bolting up a spindle which would allow me to level the bed by milling it, I did this instead.

First I bolted the spoil board to the two aluminum angle brackets (I also looked at cheaper galvanized angle iron, but it wasn’t as straight as the extruded aluminum. This stuff is almost perfect)

There are two additional pieces of aluminum bracket bolted to the frame across each end about 3 inches underneath the bed. At each corner of the bed there is a 5” bolt attached to the bed that passes loosely through the brackets underneath with nuts on the top and bottom. By adjusting those nuts I can adjust the height of each corner of the bed.

i know a picture is worth a thousand words but I’m at work. If you are interested I’ll take some pics tonight.


And to think I have my z-cables hooked through a bicycle tire…


What a nice build. It gives me encouragement that someday I might make mine look nicer. :slight_smile:

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not sure if this will work… trying to upload a short video of my MPCNC in action cutting some foam. Let’s give it a shot…