Joystick/keyboard jog Rambo w/dual end stops

I’m sure this question has been beaten to death here, but I would love the ability to jog with either a joystick/game controller like I’ve seen with the estlcam controller or at least be able to use keyboard arrows for control.

I am running the full size ramps with dual end stops. I purchased all the parts here and have been very happy with the machine thus far! I’ve been using the lcd display to control up until now. Just set up a dedicated pc because I decided the lcd was a little clunky to use. I have repetier host working, but using a mouse to jog over my workpiece is a bit of a pain. I would like to be able to zero the machine on my workpiece without having to look back and forth at a screen…the lcd was almost easier lol!

Anyone have any success with this? Is there a better option for control software?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know that it’s been beaten to death but I do recall seeing it on here couple of times in recent history. I can’t say if a solution surfaced because I was only partially interested so I didn’t read too deep into it. I’ll see if I can search it out. I find I have better luck searching this site using Google - just add v1engineering to the search string to focus in on this url. The built in search on the forum I’ve never had much luck with.

My vote is always for V1Pi, I think it is a more correct way. As far as I know the plug in style are really trying to do things the firmware was not designed for (real time control).

I use straight up Octoprint with Octo-remote on my phone. In the Octoprint web interface I have created several terminal buttons that allow you to set and move co-ordinates, so I do that from the computer, then I use Octo-remote on my phone to do all the jogging that I need.

It works very well.

Thanks for the replies guys!

I will look into both V1PI and octoprint tonight.

Not sure what to do with this game controller I ordered thinking I could make it work with estlcam controller lol

Before asking for help last night I tried connecting estlcam controller using Arduino mega and things went South fast… Let’s just say I learned how to flash firmware for the first time… Thank goodness Ryan has a walk through simple enough for a mook like myself on the website, otherwise I’ll be ordering another Rambo!