Issues when uploading index and preferences files

Hi all.

I’m in the process of loading the V1 Config, Favicon, index and preferences files to my new LR3 build on the Jackpot board as it had an mpcnc config when it arrived.

Config and favicon files loads fine.

Index file produces this message on the next reboot and fails to boot. “ Unexpected token ‘I’, “Invalid command” is not valid SON”

Preferences file makes the Web UI crash on the connecting ESP3D when loading.

Using Fluid NC version 8

Have tried multiple combinations of uploading these files and when it crashes I’m fully reinstalling fluid nc via usb before trying again.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Thanks in advance

Hi Jake

That seems odd - where are you getting that number from?
So to update the jackpot with new firmware have you seen this * Updating / Installing Firmware ?
Use the browser tool and erase the esp32, then install version 3.7.16 - that is the one the configs are built for.
Then upload the files from Ryan’s github here… FluidNC_Configs/LowRider CNC/UI V2 LRCNC at main · V1EngineeringInc/FluidNC_Configs · GitHub

You want the “UI V2 LRCNC” version as a starting point.
Does that differ to what you have been doing?

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Thanks for you reply Rob. Sorry I meant Version 3.7.8 as stated on the jackpot docs. I will update to 3.7.16 now. Everything else has been the same as you have stated other than I have been using the files UI V3 assuming this was for a LR3.
I will try again after work tonight with the V2 LRCNC files.

Many thanks!

Can you give me a link to that please so I can fix it? I tried to only give the info that changes in one place.

Just went back on it and it’s now 3.7.18. I assume I misread this as I also read 3.7.8 on this forum but must have been a past post.

Should I be uploading the V2 files to my LR3?

I will try again after work

yes, webui v2 is a bit easier to connect to for now.

Thanks Gents, I’ll give that a go

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