Issue with Relay for Spindle Control - Mini-Rambo

I’m trying to incorporate a relay into my MPCNC to turn the spindle on and off. I’ve successfully wired the relay into FAN 1 of my mini-Rambo board and am using M106/M107 commands to turn it on and off. Trouble is, as soon as the M106 command hits - the the router turns on, briefly, and then the mini-Rambo resets itself.

Any help as to why this is happening would be much appreciated. Pic below of my relay:

UPDATE: I switched the mini-Rambo power supply from the NORMALLY ON to the ALWAYS ON outlet…and it worked perfectly.

[attachment file=79800]


Thanks in advance!!

The first possible cause that comes to mind is the initial power draw of the router starting up is causing a brief brown out to your main board’s power supply. Kind of like when you turn on a vacumm cleaner or something and you see the lights in the room dimm briefly. What do you have the Main power supply and your Relay plugged into? Directly to a wall plug or some sort of battery backup? Try to separate the two and see if it happens again.

I have my main board power supply plugged into a battery backup to prevent these kinds of minor brown outs from resetting the brains. But I quickly learned I couldn’t use the router on the same battery backup. My relay is now plugged directly into the wall.

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The normally on side flips off when the normally off ports flip on.

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Thanks fellas, appreciate the responses. Barry hit it on the head, the NORMALLY ON shuts off when the relay is activated which is what I had the board plugged into. I didn’t see that anywhere on the box or online instructions…live and learn!