Issue with one Z motor


I’m using the RAMPS 1.4 card.
Everything is looking good except one thing

On this card, I got 2 Z pins. So I’ve simply plugged the 2 stepper motors on this

When it’s like that, I got the left one blocked at some time. If I plugg only this one, it’s working fine.

I know the alignement on this one is not perfect, but why it’s working fine when it’s plugged alone ?

Do I need to ajust the voltage ? Maybe the driver doesn’t have enough power (0,78V for DRV8825 and nema 17 17hs4401 )

Thank you and sorry for my bad english


Those two ports are wired in “parallel”. This means that the current going to the motors is split between them. That’s not good. They either need to be wired in “series” or they need to each have their own driver.

Thank you
I will do the trick with the cables in that case

Thank you!

I got it working thanks!
I didn’t understood there were different wiring for z and y

But it’s make sense

I got some whistle now from the Z steppers motors, any idea why ?

Some humming is normal.

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