Is this power supply wired incorrect?

Electrical noob, but this is how I received the power supply from the parts kit on this site. Mains we’re prewired on the supply, and it looks like load and neutral are flipped. Is this a problem? It actually boots the Rambo board okay.

Looks good to me, the important one is the green/ground. The other two are interchangeable.

Awesome. Thank you

Actually you are right, neutral and load are reversed. It’ll only be a problem if you start adding a bunch of other stuff (like a kill switch) to the AC side.

Yes please reverse them or use a, double pole double throw switch. I have gotten a few emails about this.

I didn’t feel it mattered because it is directly wired to the wall but I have been corrected.

Yeah, if you put a switch in between the wall and the supply, and end up switching the neutral, you’ll still have power at the supply (between hot and ground when the switch is off. The switch will shut things off , but you can get bit when bridging between the white and green with a finger or two.

That is why I sell double pole switches. So it is kind of a no brainer, less intimidating. No switch doesn’t really matter, use the proper switch still doesn’t really matter.

Still very unprofessional of me. I will be more proper from here on out.