Input board pins

Does anyone know which gpio each input on the bdring input expansion board would be? It may be readily apparent on the boarc schematic but I’m not very schematic fluent.

-Ryan J.
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It is actually labeled directly on the board, 12-15 same as the jackpot I believe so cutting and pasting configs for modules should work as well.

It shows 1-4 for the inputs but that doesn’t correspond with GPIO 12-15 on the jackpot. Unless its in order of use. Input 1 - gpio12, Input 2 - gpio15, Input 3 - gpio13, Input 4 - gpio14.

I finally read the schematic correctly. I was close. It’s the opposite direction. Input 1 - gpio14, input 2 - gpio13, etc.


What are you trying to do? GPIO is the info you need I am not sure what that input thing means. Can you give me a link to that for more context.

Setting up some physical buttons on my board. Needed more than two inputs, though, so I got this:
4x Input CNC I/O module from Bart Dring on Tindie

Just needed to know the corresponding GPIO pins so I can set up the firmware correctly.

Here is the link to the schematic. I just needed to know what input corresponded with which GPIO.
6-Pack_CNC_Controller/CNC_IO_Modules/4x_Opto_Input/V1p2/Schematic_CNC_Module_Opto_Schmitt_V1p2.pdf at main · bdring/6-Pack_CNC_Controller · GitHub

Okay I see.

If you line up the GND and vmot


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