Incredibly long build (carbon/stainless)

To get straight to the point: The machine itself is not incredibly long. :wink: It’s only 85x65cm, but the time it took me to build it, is incredibly long. :stuck_out_tongue:
Build this thing when the first version came out, but couldn’t finish it due to circumstances. I’m now printing the new middle section and will hopefully finish it by the end of the week.

Two things are odd about this machine:
I use carbon fiber for the Z axis. I love this stuff so much. It safes a lot of weight on this axis and is extremely rigid. (price however…)
And I also use 25mm stainless steel massive rods. They are sooo heavy, so i hope they work and will improve my rigidity. I don’t use them for the x and y axis however, since I don’t think the motors will like the weight. So why did I buy this stuff? Well, because I always like to try odd and new things and I found a local metal recycler that sold 4m to me for 40 euro’s. :slight_smile:

So pics or it didn’t happen:
very old pic of the parts:

The big mess right now:
soooo much crap. Can’t wait to finish it and clean everything up. :stuck_out_tongue:

old middle:

Fun to put together. :slight_smile:

The goodies, Makita router:

25mm carbon fiber (1mm wall thickness…):

somebody with too much money should try to build a whole machine out of this stuff. Curious how that works, but it’s awesome material to work with. EXACTLY 25mm thick and sooo smooth and rigid.

25mm awesome stainless rods:

probably unnecessary, but I couldn’t resist trying it. :stuck_out_tongue: People shouldn’t allow me in a metal recycle factory where they sell everything by the kilo. haha.

i’ll keep you guys (and girls) updated and will share my findings.

I always wanted to see CF. I am guessing it is one of the best materials for the rails, since CF is naturally high modulus and super light. Maybe one day ill use this stuff too. Too bad its pricey D:

First, that is some beefy stainless rod, damn.

Second, CF might be light and rigid, but I don’t think it will last long with the bearings riding on it.

Wow I wish I could find some stainless like that.

I totally agree with you, but I just couldn’t resist and nobody seemed to have tried it before. So I thought: why not just give it a shot? People can theorise all they want, but I like to experiment. :stuck_out_tongue: And it wasn’t extremely expensive. So I will keep you guys updated on how it lasts. I can easily switch it out and use it in a quadcopter.

Yes that stainless is awesome. It doesn’t give at all haha. I couldn’t find it either at first (or not at reasonable prices) untill somebody introduced me to a metal recycling company. These rods are so rigid.

I’m almost done with the build. Will post some pictures in a few hours.

It’s all assembled now with the new rods and new middle assembly. Just need to do the wiring and attach it a mdf base. (The feet might seem high, but they will drop down in the base)