I redid it in my own way

Looks neat. I wish I understood what you were saying :confused:.

Right away, I worry that you are going to get those linear bearings ruined by the dust. Especially if you try aluminum. Be careful to keep them clean.

You should really not name it “MPCNC 2”. Because it is not an MPCNC. And if you use images from V1Engineering, you should point people to the actual MPCNC and V1Engineering.com.

I also wonder why you created a new design. Is there something about the original that wasn’t available where you live?


Я думаю что линейные подшипники не должны забиться пылью, там сальники стоят, на сколько долго их хватит вопрос.
MPCNC его прародитель) название поменяю.
Новый дизайн был создан для: плавности, жесткости, чтобы не подкручивать до бесконечности подшипники . Но пластмасса не дает сильно большой жесткости.

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почему то здесь название не меняется

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I think the name gets pulled by the forum software when its added. I don’t think it pulls the name every time it loads in the frame.

I am interested in seeing how long the linear bearings hold up. Please report back when you have ran it for a while.

It really is a neat machine. I mean neat in the sense if clean and in the sense of interesting.

You may want to consider adding some sort of wiper or brush on either side of the linear bearings so that any dust or chips that get on the rails don’t end up inside the bearings themselves.

any ideas ?)

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