I need full kit

It is LowRider v3 Hardware kit full kit ?


The other needed items are mentioned in the store listing, some of which can be added onto the kit order. Here’s a quote from the listing here: LowRider v3 Hardware kit – V1 Engineering Inc

Still needed -

1- Option above - Your own Control Board, SKR Pro

2- Option above- Printed parts

3- Option above- Flat parts

4- Buy locally- EMT Conduit or other suitable X and Y rails.

5- Buy, make, or reuse -a table to use it on,

6- Buy locally- a router or other tool, Makita 700 series is excellent

7- On hand or buy locally- and some cable ties (working on getting some), or other methods of securing wires.

8- Buy Locally- You will also need some 3-5.3mm wood or other material for the Strut plates,

9- Option above- and possibly an endmill to cut them with, make sure it fits you router.

Did you have any specific questions about those additionally needed items?

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