I need cnc

How can i get full Low Rider CNC 3.

Welcome! I’ve made two LowRiders, first a version 2, which I later upgraded to a version 3, and then I made another version 3, to carry a plasma torch instead of a router.

You can order the hardware kit from the V1E store, and you can either add the remaining needed items that are offered, or source them locally, and some items, such as wood or hardboard for struts, and EMT conduit, are not offered by Ryan, but rather need to be sourced locally (can get from any home improvement store). Alternatively, you can also source everything on your own, but it will be more work on you, probably more shipping, and you will face issues of possible mistakes, like sourcing the wrong class of stepper motors, etc. Also, while Ryan makes the plans available for free, and does not mind people sourcing on their own (as opposed to buying from him), for purposes of supporting his company, many V1E makers like to get their hardware from him to help him out.

Here is a link to the store lising for the hardware kit: LowRider v3 Hardware kit – V1 Engineering Inc