I made another MP3DP.....kinda

Can you give me the screw list?


Hello there
Can you provide the complete list of screws and nuts in mm for MP3DP?


There are only two non metric screws to convert. 1"~ 25mm, 1.5" ~ 40mm

Case thickness 8mm or 10mm?

Omur, if the parts page is not answering your questions please start a new thread, this one is not for that type of question.

Hey anybody got other instructions or how to do video?

Not that I know of just a bunch of pictures.

because I don’t know what shape and size I’m suppose to make the wood frame

The file is there with the STL’s. A DXF file is the exact dimensions, and what you use with a CNC machine to cut the frame.

I don’t have a CNC but I do have a glowforge. Think I could convert the DXF file into SVG?
what would be your advice on doing this?

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@scrounge79 would know. You should be able to use a glowforge, no problem. I don’t know how to convert a DXF to SVG though. Maybe inkscape or librecad would work?


Either one should depending on the version of dfx

Inkscape works fine for conversion of DXF for laser cutting. I have a Glowforge. I’m marmak3261 on the Community forum. You do have to pay attention to the parameters.

So I converted the file into SVG but it seems like it came out too small. I’m about to print the XZ Frame and it is only 6 inch long. Do you know what is the size of the XZ frame suppose to be?

One way for the Glowforge to get it correct is to use a 20x12 artboard in Inkscape to ensure proper sizing. Let me work through this. It’s been a while since I messed with DXFs. I tried in my first efforts to use DXFs and then quickly realized that the conversion issues would continue to haunt me, so I just stopped using them. What converted me (ha) was using Onshape at @stewart’'s kiri:moto app to make svgs.

I have a Glowforge and my process is exclusively Onshape -> Kiri -> SVG -> Glowforge. Perfect every time. And I do a lot of laser cutting.

So, you guys are saying I should buy a glowforge? I have a few questions:

  • Which one should I get?
  • What do I need to do to my house to keep it safe?
  • How do I convince my wife? Are there any sites that sell the GF, but repackage it in a crappy case with misspelled English on the side? Maybe she won’t question it if it comes that way.

All you need is to have it on a extension with trip protection. You dont need to do much. And I think your wife would love it because she can do those girly engravments lol Make cut little boxes and engrave photo on wood

So I finally got the conversional from DXF to SVG right. I had to use inkscape to have the exact 1:1 conversion.
But now I have another problem. My glowforge cant cut the XZ Frame and the Y Frame because it is too big and wont fit in the machine.

Do you have any advice on doing so? I was thinking of maybe cutting it in parts and connecting it by glue or nail. What would you recommend?