How to Stop Milling and continue from The same place?

Hello everyone please tell me How to Stop Milling and continue from The same place.What program to use?

Besides just pausing the gcode and hoping everything stays up until you get back, there isn’t a way to do that.

You can split your jobs into smaller pieces, which means you’ll need to do the set up again for each sub project.

I was thinking of breaking the work into little pieces just Repeater Host showed 36 hours and this is only the rough part

I thought it is possible as in gcode sender to continue with a certain line g code
but it does not support firmware.
So I suspend the spindle leave the Board on.I come and continue. If Everything is blown nothing should happen

Whoa. What is taking 36 hours?

This frame under a mirror 680 x 1100 mm ))

Yikes. No way to use holes instead of pockets?

One thing you could try is inserting M0 for user pause. Also you will want “M84 S0” so the steppers never time out.

When it pauses, you turn off the spindle and go to bed. Then you turn the spindle back on and resume. Or I suppose you could do the same thing with pausing from the gcode sender side. Either way you will need M84 S0.

Easier I think would be to split on the CAM side.