Help needed to modify Nut Trap that is bigger for 25mm OD 2mm thickness conduit

I have bought everything from and accidentally bought 25mm OD and 2mm thickness stainless steel conduit from Ebay. It was very good learning that stainless is a difficult material to work with DIY tools. Stainless with 2mm thickness was very difficult to cut and drill with Dremel tools and have to go to special shop to get it cut and drilled.

Now i have the problem that Nut Trap is bigger because inner diameter of the tube is 20.9mm (2mm thickness conduit). I thought of sanding Nut Traps which i received from vicious1 and heard that it is a bad idea. I tried to modify the STL file using Fusion 360 and I’m completely new to CAD design.

Could anyone help me with modifying STL? I could get these two pieces of Nut Trap printed from some 3D printing shop.

Thanks in advance.

you can sand it no problem it only needs to stop the nuts from spinning one time.

Or there is a customizable nut trap on thingiverse. make it any way you want. I believe I have it linked in the build instructions.

Ok then. I will sand it and try to fit it in. Thank you very much for the support and your efforts.

Nut trap 21 mm diameter

@jack Thanks a lot for that. I will get it printed.

You don’t really need the nut traps, with a bit of patience and dexterity you can place the nuts on the bolts without it. It’s not easy but it is doable. You will only have to do it once anyway, since you never really need to take off the tool holder.

I don’t have nut traps on my machine, I did it this way.
(I say that just in case you don’t have the patience/time to print new ones :slight_smile: )

I think, its already to late, because you had the tubes cut by someone else, but I had to cut my 2mm stainless steel too, and with a good tube cutter, it worked very well! It takes some time, but gets the job done. Some Sanding at the end, and you are good.

I used this one:

@Dui: Thank you very much for the advice. I got new nut traps printed.

@Jens: Thank you very much for the info. Yes. This cutter seems very solid and easily available in Germany. It is a good investment.