helifriz's build

I have finally got it mounted. hopefully tomorrow I will have it rolling under its own power.

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On the lower rollers the bolts look short, did I screw that up or did you just have some shorty bolts? Sorry I am nervous as these builds are getting close to completion the errors could start showing up.

I used all the bolt dimensions you recommended. I used 3/8inch ply. So I feel that is why they are short. I did end up using more 6/32 1 inch rather than 3/4. Even after counter sinking they were short. I still ned to replace some of the 3/4 inch. You can see 1inch on the X. 3/4 on the Z. and 1 inch through the Z/M corner I feel they are too short.

Okay the 3/8 explains it.

Nice! You are probably the closest to being finished with the lowrider build!

It moves.

Low Rider

Hell yes!!!

PLease please please drop that on youtube. That is the only way I can add it to the playlist. So stoked, Proof it actually works!

That’s freaking awesome!

Congratulations! When we will see it in action?

Will this work.


I need a bigger garage. Hopefully I will do some cutting real soon…

First cut… 3 hour job and a bit change…

Its frikn awesome…



So I need to get some wire management shots for you but I have everything in between the panels and out the bottom into the ramps, and the power supply brick fits in there as well on top of the adjustable roller.

Nothing against what you have there just how I do it.

So stoked I’m texting it to all my friends and fam.

Good job!

Great machine.
How do you ensure your table stays flat everywhere?

*Ryan Thnaks for the tip on the wire management… I will get onto tidying up the wires ASAP!!

*Dui I was thinking of placing my spoiler board and levelling/milling the board to the machine.

Same video but 4k (well kind of)