HDPE Sign Milling?

Has anyone tried any sign making using dual color HDPE plastics with the MPCNC ?

how did it work out? where did you find the best pricing on the HDPE sheets?

I have cut a bunch of HDPE. One of my MP3DP’s is made out of it, but I could not find the two color at my local shop. It is really expensive online mostly because of shipping.

I would imagine it’s a matter of getting the speed right with the right bit to give a smooth surface on the second color. I’ve been thinking of trying laminating wood of different colors for the same effect.

HDPE is one of the easiest things I think I have milled after the HD foam. The only issue is the bit can get full of the shavings. They just wrap around the bit sometimes. Maybe faster travel or faster bit speed would solve it. But I can only do so many test cuts before I get board and want to cut the parts I need.

They sell 2 tone HDPE at woodcraft, which has a local B&M store here in Denver.