Hardware Storage Cabinet

I like that hardware Ryan. That seems like it would work well. And you could offset the brackets by an inch on each side so you don’t compromise strength in the ply but they stay symmetrical in how they are stacked in the cabinet.

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Hmmm. Shelf pins. It’s crazy, but it just might work.

They let you change your mind later. Thicker totes, or you know…more tools!

I actually kind of hate shelf pins. They remind me of the particle board furniture I had in college. Also, I would need 64 of them. I guess the reason they are on all the cheap furniture is that they are quick and cheap.


Lowes carries them in the hardware section.

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I did a “test” cut on 3/4" and my CAM seemed good, but I had a loose wire on my Z, so it dove into the very middle slot and cut the board in half. :(. Surprisingly, performing a full depth cut on 3/4" made a lot of smoke, but didn’t skip steps!

The slots were all within one layer of the ply (except for the dive bomb one), which is good enough for me. I guess I’ll be using the CNC.

Hand hovering over the the kill switch, watching in awe?! That is what I was doing during the PID video.

I had more of a, “now how did that happen?” And then a little, “wow, it’s still going”. It was more of just a burny smell than smoke even. It didnt drop enough to hit the collet, it was about 1mm over

I also tried making 1/4" holes for a dowel to help me align it to cut the other side. I ended up needing to drill it out with a 1/4" bit, and it was tight. It would have worked though, I bet. That’s my first time trying double sided.

My low rider has been in rehab for a while, and I need this to get these bills out of my way, so I took advantage of the winter weather and just used the table saw and pocket holes to get this carcass going. Not my cleanest work, but it’s functional. I promised myself I’ll add some doors, and that’s a perfect chance to use the cnc to add a carving to the front.

[attachment file=75345]

Needs some cleaning up and some protection. I’m thinking some parts would be easier if I just painted. The top is definitely getting clear coat.

Then it is going on wheels and I’m loading it up. Can’t wait to get all these screws and nails in one place.


Oh, I like it. I have a bunch of those same parts boxes…

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Looks good.

I have a bunch of the Harbor Freight bins … still need more.

I have ideas for a similar rack for mine.

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Well, I try not to mention my mistakes, but if you guys have exactly these boxes, then you should know that I should have made the shelf parts a bit longer. The way I made them, they couldn’t reach all the way to the feet. I ended up cutting off the side locking tabs and installing the carcass sides a bit closer so they could reach to the body if the cases. If I could do it again, I would have made each shelf 2" wide and that would have been it.

I doing I will be making another though. :slight_smile:

I did polycrylic on the top, bottom, and sides. I painted the back with an outdoor paint.

Then I added one final coat of baby:


That looks way better than the last time I tried to use a final coat of baby, it smeared and smelled terrible!

Did you do enough coats of poly first?

My coat of baby was much more brown and went all over the wall… stupid blowouts…

I was just thinking. I wonder if there are any HD deals I should be looking at on Friday, and then I was trying to remember if I bought anything last year. These boxes! Was it really an entire year ago?


Where do you get one of these?