Gone: 3.0 mm filament random spools available

Edit: This is no longer available

My first 3D printer used 3mm (2.85) filament.
When I was having some trouble with it I built a MP3DP and put a 3.0mm extruder on that too for compatibility.
Then when I rebuilt my original printer I tried a real E3D Titan Aero extruder in 1.75mm configuration.
It worked enough better for me that I switched the MP3DP over to the same extruder including the 1.75mm filament size.

A year or more later, I am still sitting on approximately 10 partial spools of 3mm filament.
Various colors, various material. It was mostly budget buy stuff but worked well enough for me at the time. It has been stored open so would likely need a little TLC / drying, but even though I still have the 3mm extruders I am never going back - I can’t seem to just throw it away if someone could put the filament to use.

So, if anyone is using 3mm I am willing to send it to you for the cost of shipping and promise to donate $20 (or more) to Ryan.

I’d rather not spend the time on a full inventory, but it’s probably 50% ABS (I struggled with ABS bed adhesion), 40% PLA (including a factory sealed 1kg Hatchbox) and 10% special blends (knock-off Nijaflex, glow in the dark something or other, etc.)

It would be easiest for me if it could all go to one place, but it might not fit in one convenient box anyway, so I guess I would consider splitting it. I have pretty good UPS shipping rates within the US through my mailroom at work and that would be the easiest logistically for me.

If you would like to mess around with some ugly colored low quality filament that might give you more of a headache than it’s worth, let me know :upside_down_face:
I’m trying to manage expectations, but I honestly don’t think it is that bad or it would be in the trash already.

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Are you getting rid of the 3mm extruders heads as well?

I have no use for them, so I can throw them in as well, but they are probably junk.
I suspect the heater and thermistors still work, but beyond that they are likely a mess.

Sounds good to me. What’s shipping to 44256?

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I’ll have to weigh it, but assuming 20# or less it would be under $15.
Any idea how to PM through here - I don’t think we want to get any more personal in the public forum?

PM sent…I think…

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This has been claimed.

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