Getting endmills and bits in Sweden/Europe

Hello again!

I am just now finishing up my MPCNC and making it ready for milling. I bought parts from here quite a long time ago, but I did not buy nearly enough endmills. I have understood that they break quite often and I have only one of each of the ones I chose. Does anyone know any place in Sweden/Europe that has well made but not too expensive endmills and bits? I would love to buy them from this site, but the shipping from the US is just too expensive for me. Thanks!

Hey Teo,

Not sure if it really helps, but I am ordering mine from ( for english) . Its a german seller, with what I can tell affordable but high quality endmills. Shipping to Sweden should be between 8€ and 14€ , depending on how many you will order.

I tried some endmills from banggood and ebay/amazon sellers, but was not really impressed with how they performed. The first cut was almost always good enough, but they dulled out really fast, were the other ones would just continue to cut neatly.


I live in the EU to and order inexpensive bits for experimenting from eBay. Most come from China with free shipping and cost a fraction of the professional ones. But as stated above, they do become dull soon. But for experimenting they are good, at least in the beginning it will not be very expensive if you break a bit or two (which did happen to me a few times).

Now that I know which sizes and styles I like, I do buy better grade from local re-sellers, but make sure that they are not just pushing Chinese stuff for local prices.

Damen CNC would ship to Sweden I think


Thanks all, will probably buy some cheaper ones from china to try and find sorts I like and then spend more on some nicer spindles (even though the Swedish postal service adds ~10 bucks per Chinese order. Will also check out CNC-Plus!