German speakers?

I have sent an email asking for the removal of the service of printing my files before this gets out of hand but if anyone speaks some German could you drop a note, in case they do not get a good google translate of my email, explaining the is a non-commercial license and he can’t sell them.

Those are nice looking renders… Also, I don’t speak German, sorry. I visited Germany a few years ago and tried to order some coffee from a little restaurant. He yelled something to me and my wife, and we were totally lost, so we just left. We asked our German friends about it, and apparently, he was saying, “have a seat”…

So if I get pissed at you I can just say “have a seat” and you know I was actually yelling at you…good to know.

I can count to ten in German I think, thank you, and cheers…but I can’t spell any of them.

I thought I could count to ten in German, but it turns out at about 6, I switch to french.

The word we used all the time was entschuldigen, which is “sorry”, or “excuse me”. (I think, I had to look up the spelling). I’m very cultured…

Perhaps @ma-ge-so can help you out. He resides in Stuttgart.

Please explain the licence to me. I understand that nobody should profit off your work but sometimes it seems that it’s ok? Is it ok to charge for time and material or is it about consent?

It is best to click on the link on thingiverse. There is a plain English version that is very clear. If I use the wrong wording here it can make things harder for me.


Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs (that one always gave me a little thrill when I took German in Jr
high), sieben, acht, neun, zehn, elf, zwölf. After that the numbers are all built from the previous, vierzehn, fünfzhen, etc… In tens, zehn, zwanzig, dreizig, vierzig… 37 would be sieben und dreizig.

See! Both those terms I took in 8th grade weren’t wasted. :slight_smile:


No, I didn’t pass out on my keyboard, that’s exactly how you would write 1999 in german.

Imagine if you were to write 999 999 999 999…

Silly people.

It’s time to party like it’s neunzehnhundertneunundneunzig!


I am not a lawyer, but Ryan has a copyright on his designs and he grants a license to use that copyright for “you” on personal use, so we can print and cut out parts for ourselves. There is no granting of the license for making parts and selling them (even if you don’t make profit). He also sometimes gives permission on a case by case basis to sell low rider flat parts, for example. He also doesn’t mind printing for people you personally know, and things like a class printing parts for 20 copies. I am not sure, but I think those cases are in a gray area. At the end of the day, Ryan owns the copyright and he can choose what licenses he wants to grant.

The thing I’ve never seen him allow is selling new printed parts of the MPCNC to strangers. So setting up a store or selling parts on eBay is never allowed.

If I were doing something that was in the gray area, and I had more questions, I would email him directly and ask.


Jeffeb3 is correct nobody should be trying to use Ryan’s hard work to profit for their own, If one wanted to make money they way Rayn does they should put in the time and effort it has taken to get this project to this point, I have put a cart with what I believe to be Ryan’s consent to offer flat parts at times when they are not available on the V1 store to help the community.

My cart is not intended as a storefront but a way to simplify request and payment for the person looking to source the parts since I have a very more than full time job and do not always get messages from the forum in a timely fashion.

I know when I was looking a building a kit and saw that the flat parts were not available it made me think twice about starting the project but thankfully I have access to the tools necessary to make the parts needed, I don’t know how ryan manages to make and sell the printed parts at the price he does and I almost just bought them from the store because I feel at that price it is almost too good to pass up.

At times when the flat parts are available through the V1 shop I encourage people to buy from ryan and to source any and all parts necessary to build their rig and support him in any way they can. It’s a fantastic thing that he is doing and as a one man band I am sure is not always easy and will try to do my part to contribute to his success and support the members of the community.

Cheers Ryan, and build on…

Looks like the site is hosted by Wix and is in violation of Wix terms of use. Heres the form to report copyright infringement.

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Stopenzy Prints!

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Uh, shouldn’t that be tausendneunhundertneunundneunzig? Yours is only 999. :slight_smile:

You know. This person might be a member on here. Or the FB group or something.

Hard to tell, But I emailed and have received no reply. So nothing I can do but move up the chain.

So I have taken it up with Wix, they are verifying it now. If they have any issues I file a DMCA form and it ends.

?Onethousandninehundredandninetynine really isn't much better?

I think he’s saying nineteen hundred, not one thousand nine hundred. But, for completeness:

It’s time to party like it’s tausendneunhundertneunundneunzig!