Frame Size


New on the forum and on the MPCNC project, I recently discovered it and wanted to try myself building one. I found the pipes in a local store and I am now printing the parts. As recommended, I would like to build a 60 x 60 cm (~ 24" x 24") and I used the cut calculator to know the size of the pipes. But I am not sure to understand well this tool.

I clicked on the metric link and enter the dimensions (capture attached) but I’m sure that the measures are in millimeters or in centimeters. Also on the right panel, you can see (first line as example): 3x X-axis Conduit Lengths: 564 But should I multiply by 3 the result because of the 3x at the beginning?

Thank you in advance for your help with the measurements and for the tools, and sorry for my question that may sound stupid. I saw everywhere people doing their MPCNC quite easily.

Cheers :slight_smile:



I’m new here too , but I understand the calculator.

Yes you multiply the x and y axis numbers by 3

In your case (from the numbers in your screen capture), you need

3 pieces 864mm for x: 3 pieces 864 for y: 2 pieces 267mm for z: 4 pieces 64mm for the legs etc.


Hope that helps


thank you for your quick reply and your help. That’s what I thought but as I was not sure I would prefer to ask before buying and cut the pipes.

Thank you again and good luck for your CNC if you planned to build one too :slight_smile: