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Does it help to add “solved” to the title, and should I start closing threads when they are solved?

Wouldn’t that just make us feel bad when they weren’t solved? :slight_smile:

Interesting idea though.

I would worry about people feeling like you’re shutting them down. It feels like that with git hub issues sometimes.

I guess are you thinking it would help you keep track of which things need help?

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That is how I initially felt. Then today I was kinda thinking it might look good that we all basically solve all of the issues! It is a few step process to do so I am leaning towards not doing it of course. Also every once and a while old stuff does get brought up but it hasn’t happened much lately.


Yes, it does, especially when you search on Google.

I can only speak for myself, but when I do a search on Google for an issue, the threads who have “solved” in their titles are usually the first ones I check.


No. Because someone can bring a better solution later, or help to bring more details on the matter, different perspectives, some other related problems, etc. Plus it helps to keep the forum alive, if people just read and go away then the forum will be a bit sterile.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:

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I concur with this statement.