Folding Kitchen Helper

I have seen a bunch of folding Kitchen helpers but they end up still being quite thick. We don’t have a lot of space in the kitchen but have a nice gap between the fridge and the cabinet.


I don’t understand the usefulness.

How does this help in the kitchen? Is it a step? Can you show me a picture of it being used?

Fair question. It’s for small children so they can climb up and stand to help on the counter… Or just throw food everywhere. The panel at the back prevents them from stepping back and falling off. The large back panel is because my kid tends to lose his balance and fall backwards. It will become smaller once he is older so it will be easier climb up himself.


Gotcha. That makes more sense then.

I was trying to picture it as something that would help ‘me’. Not my kid.

I need to build some type of rolling cart for our kitchen. Our pantry is in the laundry room and that’s where all our cooking materials are. When I cook, I end up making a few trips back and forth to the pantry. I’m wanting to make a small shopping cart that I can use to do this, but I’m thinking I need one that can fold up to keep out of the way when not being used.

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I mean… You could use it but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Sounds like a fun challenge ahead of you. I think the only real solution to your problem though would be an in house cable car system that would pick and deliver whatever you need automatically.

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I thought i was pretty clever with this part. The standing platform is the cutout of the back platform. I left it attached with tabs so I could install hinges. Then removed the tabs which left it perfectly positioned


Or sneeze on a completely done sheet of cookies.

The one I made is not foldable, and still lives in our house, but it is in front of the kid’s bathroom sink now.

This design is well thought out, and the hinges were very smart.

Does it have finish on it? We used polycrylic and it has stood up well and it is easy to clean.

No finish yet, I was going to do the polycrylic as well but need to radius all the corners first. My bit is not very sharp so need to get my hands on a new one first. This was more a proof of concept. Ideally I would make the hinges less ugly

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I have kids for that… when they listen.

You’re baking the cookies at 350f. Anything you sneezed on them will be killed in the oven… you might have just added a bit of flavor/protein.

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Latest revision. I went away with the ugly metal hinges and edge drilled the plywood and installed steel dowel pins with nylon spacers to eliminate squeaking. Still needs the final sand and finish. Used tiny triangle markers in the cnc perimeter to layout my cross drill holes.