Fluid vase

I thought this Fluid Vase design was the perfect test for the transparent blue PLA I picked up a couple of weeks ago.

I need to branch out into some new materials and colors soon. That looks awesome. My three colors are getting pretty boring.

What!!! I feel like I am missing out. If there is a redesign on any of the machines soon I really need to look at some other filaments.

It changes much faster in real sunlight. It was overcast today, so that’s through clouds and a setting sun.

If we could just get some that returns to its printed shape with heat or something.

I’m printing my mp3dp2 with raptor pla. Nothing new here, but it feels very solid. Im afraid to temper it, but that would be the best.

Well the video Think Making did with the Firecrackers was impressive. Of course the shrinking is a concern but printing oversized should take care of that. I think you guys have inspired me to look around a bit for filaments…or just wait for MRRF and see what is there.

Yeah. Shrinkage is never good.