Flashing New Firmware & Operating System

I purchased the Rambo V1.4 board from V1 Engineering earlier this year. I made a mistake and uploaded a simple light sequencing program that came with the Arduino IDE software I was attempting to use to adjust the voltage output for the motors. My knowledge is limited, but I believe I accidently over wrote the existing firmware and may need to reprogram the board to allow for a firmware update along with a new OS upload.

I didn’t realize I had the program up when I uploaded to the device. The board was functioning properly other than the high pitched noise coming from the motors. That’s what I was attempting to fix when I made this terrible error.

The screen function still works on the board, but it is obvious there is no code there to run the functions of the board. The reset buttons do not work any longer and the screen is static blue.

Is there something I can do to reset the board? Perhaps there is an adapter that will allow me to reprogram this board? It does not appear to be accessible via USB any longer.

Thanks for your help.

This is called “flashing” and you can use arduino or platformio to put new firmware on it. You can’t reset it back to what was on it when it shipped.


Nothing is broken and this is all reversible.

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I’m not quite sure what you mean by"USB doesn’t work".

If you can’t send commands from your computer, that is probably means you need to re-flash the code as Jeff mentioned.

If you can’t get the Arduino or Platfomio IDE to recognized or “talk” to the board, you may need to flash the bootloader, and that is a much different process.

Can you tell us which “not working” you are seeing?


It is very unlikely that there is anything wrong with the bootloader.


Is there any way to confirm that the board is connected in VS Studio?

I’ve downloaded and unzipped the firmware file and tried uploading it to the board with both Arduino and Platform IO.

I meant to say that the computer recognizes that something is connected in the USB port, but it does not pull any info from the board itself. Additionally, neither program has errors when it uploads, it says 100% success and yet no change.

I’m wondering what else I can try to resolve this.

If you upload with platformio or arduino, it won’t give you a success message unless it can connect to the board. If you want to share a screenshot or a picture of the screen we can look at it.

What you’ve described so far all seems fine. You haven’t given me any reason to think you have broken anything.