Flaky SKR 1.3, but, if it ain't broke

This doesn’t really address a specific issue, but might still be useful to someone who is having trouble with FW updates.

So, I’m just finishing up my LR3. This is my 4th MPCNC, so I’m getting somewhat familiar with the various pieces of these projects, although I’m certainly no “wizard”. In this case, I’m using the SKR1.3 that I had used for my LR2 for the control board. But, I needed to add the dual endstops. All of that, including installing the new Marlin FW version went fine, and, the machine seems to work pretty well, although no projects yet besides the crown have been tackled.

However, in the process of getting it going, I realized that I had not enabled the microSD slot on the SKR1.3. Luckily the slot on the TFT35 v3 did work, and Repetier also connected through the USB.

But, thinking that I would prefer to use the controller-based SD slot, I modified the firmware and tried to load it. Nothing. After trying the boot sequence and reset many times with several different microSD cards, the firmware just would not load. The firmware.bin file would not get renamed. It just didn’t work.

This seems to be somewhat of a common problem, with folks needing to do various extreme measures, including reflashing the “bootloader”, etc. Since I wasn’t willing to do that, I began to consider an alternative board.

But then, I ran across someone who mentioned applying pressure to the card, holding it more deeply into the slot during the boot process.

Remarkably, this worked! It installed the new FW, recognized the onboard SD drive and renamed the FW file.

Of course, I quickly realized that although the SD drive was now visible, the microSD card with any gcode files also had to be pushed in to get it to read the files. Obviously not practical.

So, I went back to the previous version using the LCD SD drive. But now, I think I can change the firmware by this method, which was one of my concerns as a result of the repeated update failures.

Someday, I’ll have to move to a new controller board, but not today.

Obviously soldering in a new sd card holder would be the best course of action but if micro soldering is not your ‘thing’ perhaps purchase an SD extension adapter and jerry rig (glue) it to remain fully inserted in the SKR’s card slot… it might work. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that would be a cheaper solution than switching to an entirely new controller board. As for replacing the card holder, since the slot on the TFT works for loading gcode files, that’s not something I’d try unless I find that I need to change the FW more often than is currently needed.

It’s frustrating though, to have an item that basically “just works” suddenly stop working for no apparent reason. I actually have a second SKR1.3 on my Primo. I’m switching it to dual endstops soon, so will need to revise that FW. Right now, its onboard slot works fine.

Thanks for the thought.