First glider panels cut on my LR3


This has been one of the most challenging panel jobs I’ve done! Probably not difficult for most of you , but I did a BUNCH of air-cuts to verify mill length was good, router collet nut didn’t hit anything, and the bit could still avoid hitting the raised edges if the panel. I ended up with a 25mm clearance setting!

This is a pair of panels for a Duo Discus glider. This is one of the reasons I built the LR3, The smaller rear-seat panel has a deep backside that I need to hang over the edge of my machine to do the cut. If I had a drop table I would still need to have about 8 inches to lower the part low enough to have some kind of support/spoilboard behind it. The larger panel was previously installed in the glider and I needed to fill all the old holes before cutting the holes for the new instruments.

I cut most of the holes in the front panel from the back as there is a lip all around the front that would have interfered too much. The hole in the upper portion of the picture was cut from the front to avoid the “knee cutout” as that interfered with the lower two holes. hasn’t been cleared yet because I had a glitch in the cut.

I’m happy to get these done and shipped today.

On to the next panel!



Woah. I would need a fist full of Xanax just to hit the start button on that job! Amazing work!

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Thanks Brent. As I said, one of the more difficult ones.

Impressive!!! Wow!!


One more done this week! Now I can relax and get ready for my Australia/New Zealand trip.

This is a “Proto” panel; the owner is trying a whole new instrument layout and wanted a panel that allowed him to position the instruments and verify the clearance behind the panel. His goal is to move many of the instruments toward the edges and add the large moving-map display in the middle, WHILE, not doing any rewiring of the system behind the panel. Not what I would have chosen to do!! There are 59 holes to cut.

Oh, and I laid up the glass and resin to make the blank panel. Vacuum-bagged on plate glass. It gives that nice shiny surface.


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