First cut on my Lowrider

Ordered the Lowrider 2 kit in April 2020, told myself I’d be making sawdust in a few weeks. Cut to scene and I just had my first successful job tonight. It’s been a long road with a lot of missteps. Table (sized for full sheet cutting) still isn’t level or surfaced, Y plates and 611 plate I sourced locally weren’t very accurate and I had to replace with 3d printed replacements (we’ll see how long they last). Thanks to Ryan for such an accesible design and solid documentation and thanks to the community for the forum activity, I have leaned heavily on you all to get up and running.

Building this machine and acquiring new skills has been one of the very few bright spots in an otherwise terrible year.


Looks great. The crown is upside down though. :slight_smile:

Was that plywood cut out as a stand for something? Looks like a neat project.

Yeah! that crown was drawn right side up, just the picture was taken the wrong way.

The plywood cut out is for a gift, a phone/watch/wallet stand and charging station.


Use the low rider to cut new (and accurate) plates for itself while the 3D printer ones are holding up well.

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Yeah that’s definitely my plan. The very next cuts hopefully


Very nice!