First cut in Maine

Hey all (and Ryan)
Just wanted to say thank you for a great product and community forum.

Today my son (14 yrs) did his first test cut on the low rider. It was a really exciting movement. While the low rider had always been my “idea” for a variety of reasons he picked it up and ran with it.

From building the frame (shout out to Josh 1 for the idea) to the countless hours he spent reading the forum for tips and tricks, I was very impressed that the only thing I had to correct was:
Conduit is measured internal dimensions
Not all screws are created equal (pan head are preferred over normal construction screws)
What wire strain relief is

To get that far on your own (at that age) is a testament to the product and the support. So a big thank you to everyone.

We can’t wait to start digging into our backlog of project ideas (namely skis).

Stay excited and carry on making


Impressive! Great job by the both of you :smiley: I hope that my son will keep/gain an interest when he’s at that age! (currently at 8 and running manual gcode, but loses interest after 3 minutes… :sweat_smile:)

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I can’t believe anyone, let alone an eight year old can stay interested in manual gcode for that long!! :rofl: :rofl:

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Hahaha my daughter first use of my lr2 costed me to fix my base board and some parts because she crashed it…

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I love hearing that. So glad you both enjoyed it for different reasons! I really wonder how I would have reacted to all this at that age. I love to think I would have been very interested.