First 2D cut

Not sure what went wrong, but the top of the skull seems to have not gotten the finishing pass. I think I need a smaller less intricate cut to practice the tool change. ?

Looks like it didn’t get the same zero point. Or the roughing pass didn’t leave enough material for the finishing pass. I’ve done that before too.

My guess is the setting for distance between passes in ESTLCam. For the finishing pass I make it as low as I can like 2% of the tool diameter.

I used the same tool for roughing and finishing. I think I may be off on my tool settings.

Just checking to see if my settings are close to what they should be.

2, 3, 4, and 6 were bought from Ryan from his V1ENGINEERING store.

5 is the Bosch 3/8" Vbit.

7 is the SpeTool Carbide.

Also, I’m wondering if the Lowrider or MPCNC is capable of making use of the fine tip end mill.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Speed depends on material and the type of cut. Slotting is much more difficult than adaptive (peel) pocketing. You should always be using a finishing pass.

I use 30mm/s for my rapids not cutting, you might want to look over the milling basics page and go from there, there is also a calculator on that page.

Sorry, somehow I missed the calculator link. ??‍♂️