Fidget spinners are killing me...

Well i did the same, flip pins, stack random stuff that might be around me, folded paper. What ever.

There always that one time you didn’t get the plywood and riser set right and made a fulcrum, so when you hit it, the plywood popped up in front of the back tire. Pretty sure I still have scars from that one.

Or the time the board snapped and locked the front tire up.

My wife works with special needs kids in an elementary school and while she sees the benefits of the fidgets for some kids with anxiety issues, the majority of the school staff is fed up with the fidgets. The kids are constantly playing with them and then trading them like Pokemon cards. And some kids are fighting over them.
With only a few week of school left they are going to keep tolerating them, but all are hoping the fad ends over the summer break otherwise they might be banned next fall.

I gave my daughter her’s but forbade her to take it to school. We even went so far as to having a spot in the kitchen counter where it has to be put before she leaves for school.

It’s kinda a shame, as I was a little proud of how well it came out.

Doodling>fidgeting, it helps develop fine motor skills, that makes your mousing hand more precise later in life when you start using CAD or becoming a tattoo artist, or I guess maybe even a surgeon.

The worst ramps experiences I had were when we started making them just a big bigger and the front tire would just drop from going too slow (I’m a sissy) instead of the awesome jump you had in your mind and over the bars you go. That’s when I took up the skateboard, typically when you crashed you didn’t land on it like you do with a bike.

Skateboarding killed my back. I did it for about 10 years

Not a quick learner, eh?

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I was a skater. We got into inlines and got in trouble on those. We had a launch ramp we’d try to clear cars with… sometimes even successfully. Took a jump bad one time and landed hard enough to rip the truck off the bottom of one of the boots.

It will be over as soon as one spontaneously combusts on a plane…

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Lol. No i was trying to go pro. So i was always doing crazy stuff.