Fender Washer Question

I am acquiring all the hardware parts (some I already have). I do not see an OD for the fender washers. Is it alright to use any size? I read in one post that said “it needs to be smaller than 20mm” but I cannot seem to find any type of 5/16 fender washer smaller than about 1" from all my sites I go to at least. Also, looking at the “Bundle” hardware the fender washers look to be well over the 1" mark. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry, the speed washers need to be under 20mm, the fender washers need to be over 24mm. I also made a printable version that takes the place of both of those.

Great! I went ahead and ordered the 1" fender washers crossing my fingers. Those are a small bit larger than the 24mm so they should work! Awesome!

I have ordered basically all the parts but still looking for the coupling nut and the spring. Can you by any chance point me in a direction where I can find them? I DID find the coupling nut for about 7" on ebay which I found pretty expensive but if that is the route I have to go, Ill take it.

Thanks for the help vicious1! Hopefully I can get this up and running in no time and be able to add to the progress of this project! I have a few ideas but can’t really see if they need to really be implemented until its completely built!

You local hardware store should have them, they are commonly used for connecting allthread.