Feed rate in Estlcam

If I set my bit to 30mm/s and create a tool path that is 30mm shouldn’t it take about a second to cut that tool path?

if not then can someone explain fed rate.

if yes then where should I start trouble shooting my Estlcam G Code?

MPCNC Dewalt 660 Estlcam v11

Yes and no, there is acceleration on both ends of the line.


We can pretty easily figure this out if you upload some gcode or tell us how long it does take. Maybe some build specs as well.

That is right, but your machine can’t go from zero to 30 instantly. It can try, but it would be likely to skip steps and generally not be terribly reliable. The firmware limits the max speed and acceleration. So, 30mm/s would be closer to traveling 300mm in 10 seconds than 30mm in one second.

Dang, how do you say everything so well. I am going to use this line more often and say I thought of it…

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I’ve uploaded a png of the SVG file that the tool paths were built off of.

Spec’s: 3.5in x 6in sample on .25in MDF using 60 degree v-bit

The g-code is almost a 417mb which seem to me a little odd for 36 path engraving to a total depth of 2mm.

The Capital “T” in “TMB” took 48 minutes to complete




Additional info… tool setup.

Highlighted tool is the tool I was using.

The diameter should be the maximum diameter of the v bit. You’ve got it set to 0.1mm, so it’s probably driving over the same area over and over, moving 0.1mm per pass.

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Good to know. I’ll give it a try.


Update: re-worked my tools and spent a significant amount of time understanding the various setting in Estlcam which seemed to resolve my issues… Thanks again Jeffeb3 for the clue.