estlcam tool bits

on a bit like this how shoud it be listed in the tools

JERRAY CNC Carving 4.82 Deg Tapered Angle Ball Tip radius=0.5mm X 1/4" Shank tungsten Solid Carbide HRC55 with TiAIN Coated Router Bits

All the info should be in the listing, are you saying I should change all the titles?

I guess im asking alot because im new to cnc. would this be correct.


maybe i have worded something wrong and im not making sense. i am not asking for anything to be relabeled or changed. i just wanted to see if i put in the same numbers as you or others would have as i am trying to learn. eastlcam would not except 4.82 degrees.

If i upset you or offended you i appologize

Getting dirty

Those settings are not correct. You can hover your mouse over the description for a more detailed explanation. If that isn’t clear link me to the exact bit you are using and what you are trying to do with it. To be clear on this end, some of those numbers change for every job, and some depend on the bit itself.

I think this is what you need, I can’t get estlcam to add a taper that steep though.

[attachment file=63085]


Oh, speeds and feeds are probably not right, that’s going to depend on what you’re cutting.

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