EstlCAM Text Tool

How does this group feel about using the EstlCam text tool?


I use estlcam in wine, under linux. So the fonts don’t work well. I prefer to just use inkscape or librecad or onshape. I might be in the minority though.

The Estlcam text tool is fine once you practice with it and get used to it. My biggest issue has been the fonts - the ones that come with Windows are aren’t single stroke fonts, meaning I have to carve the letters rather than engrave them in a single pass.

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Thanks for the replies. Is there a set of fonts that would work better or is it truly a Windows thing?


There are fonts, but the ones I’ve found I’ve been too cheap to buy. Sorry I can’t be more help here.

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I have used

without any problem. Do single stroke fonts look as good? It seems that would be ok for basic text but you really don’t get any “font” do you?


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If you’re just doing basic text, nothing too fancy, then the single stroke fonts take almost no time at all using Engrave. Doing the same thing with Carve takes substantially longer as the cutter is moved up and down, all around, in an almost random fashion.

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i can not make it work under linux. i tried wine and playOnLinux. no success.
would you please help me?

Have you seen this?

Probably better to start a new post.

I am not an expert in wine, I just fumbled through. I am sure a windows VM would solve it. It is just a lot clunkier than wine.