Estlcam Missing Driver

I have download Estlcam, was able to do all setting , download the crown, did the modification and save the file. But cannot send file to CNC and my computer telling me that the driver was not install. Do I have to down load the driver from somewhere else? or is it part of the Estlcam software?

Do this step by step and tell me exactly where this goes wrong.

OK I think I see where I went wrong, I did not download the Repatier Host program, I will go do that and try again. Thanks again.

Down loaded the Repetier host program, download my crown file but can not see it on the grid? however the Printing Statistics of the file came up on the right( picture at the Bottom). Also could not connect to the Rambo board, it just told me connection fail. Also added a picture of my replacement broken corner tube block.

Repetier thinks anything without extrusion is a travel move. So you have to turn on the display for travel moves.

If you can’t connect, maybe you need to install arduino (sorry, I don’t run windows)? Or do you have the baud rate set correctly? Should be 250000, I think.

OK by trying different connection setting I finally got a connection and also got my crown on the grid board, however I still can’t get it to the printer. Went I press the Print button, this screen come up ( picture below )

Also I’m using a Lap Top with Window XP? Would that be a problem with newer program like Repetier Host???

Are you sure it’s connected? Can you move the tool with the arrows?

Also, I’m not terribly familiar with that crown, does that look funny to anyone else?

You need to restart repetier you have a few overlapping crowns for some reason.


Also, I believe it’s the Arduino IDE that needs to be installed to give you the drivers. Once that has been installed, you should be able to see the board from Device Manager as a COM port. Tell Repetier-Host to use that port and make sure the speed is set to 250000 and you should be able to connect and print.

Check cabel that you connect board to pc I was having one case that just something was wrong with cabel. Check printer settings in repetier host you should have baduratet to 250000. Try connect then you should get some information in window where is controllers bottom frame. Try jog. If nothing help I would try to re upload firmware. The board you have from Ryan ?? If yes everything should be plug and play. You can also try just use different pc just to be sure that is not controller board fault. Check if you have new drivers or windows for your motherboard. It’s really manny things that you should check start on one end and just go true everything.

Does your machine work when flashing/using Estlcams built-in firmware (in case you have a Ramps 1.4)?

Don’t flash your board. You’re so close.

OK Baby Step. I have a Mini Rambo for a Board, went I plug in the printer I can manually operate it from the Printer Controller panel, so I know that the printer work. So went I start up Estlcam and go to printer setting, the only setting that will connect is Victual Printer Baud Rate 250000 and it does tell me it connected. Then I go to Manual Printer Control and try to move the printer head it do not move. Same went I down load the crown image and I send it to the printer, I can see the program doing the Job but no response at the printer. I know I’m close but I’m not there yet, know that I have a connection but they are not talking the same language.

Movement in estlcam work only with estlcam firmware. For moving u should use repetier

Sorry wrote that wrong, was using Repetier Host to connect and try to manually move the printer head. I only use Estlcam to download the Crown drawing and change to G-Code and save that G-Code file. Then open Repetier Host, download the Crown file and try to print it. Also in Estlcam I could do the simulation and it did work, so I know the file is good. Also in my setup I had download Arduino so all the driver should be there, however today I try to open Arduino and it ask me for a Setup Code?

The crown file at the end of my link can be dropped straight into repetier host, no need for estlcam at all. The rest is how the crown was made so you can learn after the machine gets verified.

OK I’m getting nowhere with Repetier Host connecting to the Mini Rambo board. Went I install Arduino and plug in my Rambo board, does it not automatically install the Driver? And went I go into Arduino it asking me for a setup code? My computer is telling me that there no driver setup for the Rambo board, I try to do a manual driver search but could not fine one. Went I look up my Device and Printer, the Rambo board is there on com3, but went I go to Repetier printer setting and Connection: Serial Connection, Port: Com3, Baud Rate: 250000, Transfer Protocol: AutoDetect, It should connect, but it don’t. To me it don’t have the proper Driver to connect? Where do I go for that Driver installation?

Install the Arduino software and its drivers before you plug in your board. You need its included drivers, so it is best to let them install.

I honestly don’t know if there is anything special needed for windows XP, I don’t think I had any arduinos back then.

I had a similar issue with differnet usb cables. I had to set the baud-rate in Marlin-Firmware and computer to 115.200 Baud, since then every board I have, works fine with this settings. It might be possible, that your computer misses some bytes at this speed.

You could try a shorter or better shielded USB cable.

When you use a terminal program like “winterm” or “putty”, you could connect to the com port and see the firmware messages, when you reset your board.