Engraving in damast steel

Proundly made on a primo with estlcam.
I probed the surface in a 2mm grid.
Used a random 90 degree chamfer bit, 0,25mm deep.
Font size is just 3mm.

Everything worked pretty well.


Oh, if you probed in Estlcam: Can you zero the workpiece after probing?

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Well that is impressive! Extremely good detail in Steel. wow

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I almost messed up a workpiece in the past for that reason but i cant remember exactly. Maybe I just updated the depth in CAM and lost the map then.

Luckily it worked in the first run.
Mapping the height again might not work on a surface engraved surface. You might hit a groove accidantly.

Whats your experience with that?

I haven’t tried the mapping in Estlcam, but I wanted to build a probe out of a microswitch that I can put into the router, then measure the workpiece and after that swap to my endmill and zero it. But I am not sure I can.

Something to figure out.
I always used the tool itself for probing. On wood i put aluminium tape on top as a conductive layer.

Right, that works too. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: