Endstop Hardware

Am I correct in thinking that the (10x) M2.5 x 12mm screws are intended to be used for mounting the endstops?

If not, what size should they be, I’m making a run to the hardware store later, and gonna pick some up.

Again, thanks for all that you guys do to steer us in the right direction!

Nevermind, found my answer in the docs. I should have read that more clearly before I posted, apologies.

No problem. We are not the RTFM crowd. Glad you found your answer.


Ha, ha. Had to look that one up. :grin:

Tell me you have never worked tech support without telling me you have never worked tech support :slight_smile:


Where in the docs did you find it? I can’t find how to mount the limit switches anywhere

Are you looking for “endstop” in LowRider CNC V3 - V1 Engineering Documentation ?

Already seen…

Contains info on mounting endstops…


Hope that helps. Cheers!

thank you for that. Looks like I needed to mount them before I assembled those pieces. I am guessing it is the same as on the Primo. hmm. Ok, not sure I am willing to dismantle this right now so maybe i will try and make it work without them.

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You’re welcome William. The endstops are really helpful for homing, leveling and squaring the LowRider 3. I couldn’t imagine using a LowRider 3 without them.


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If you use the “standard” endstops you have to wire the outer two connections and leave the middle one, then you have a normally closed connection, which is what we want to be able to notice when a wire or connection are broken.