Hey guys I got my lr3 up and running did the crown test and it came out great. I have designed some Xmas gifts in Easel and I can’t get them to work. When I try and run the gcode it runs but the lr3 barely moves. You can tell its trying to work but its like its on a micro scale. I’ve read that some people say use estlcam but id like to not scrap the work I’ve done. Thanks for the help

Usually when this happens, the g-code is generated in inch units. The Marlin firmware maintained by V1 only supports millimeters. I don’t remember easel well enough to know what you can do with it. Your possible choices are:

  • If available, select millimeters as the output units regardless of input units.
  • Author everything in millimeters
  • Enable inch mode in Marlin.

If you want to enable inch mode you need to uncomment the following define in configuration.h, then recompile and re-flash the firmware.

// G20/G21 Inch mode support

Edit: I just brought up my old Easel account. Things have changed since I ran my test. I found that changing the units to mm before exporting changed the g-code units. It looks like you can author in either inch or mm and just change this setting before exporting the g-code.