Dual end stop Motor issue

Hello All, I purchase the Rambo 1.4 with dual end stop kit from V1. I’m experiencing an issue and could use some help, when manually controlling each axis with Repetier only X2, Y2, and Z are working. When the board is powered up the X1 and Y1 motors move freely and aren’t holding position. This leads me to believe the board doesn’t recognize X1 and Y1. I read in another thread that the Rambo 1.4 should already have the appropriate firmware flashed but I guess that could be wrong. Any help would be great, thanks guys.

Lets see how you have it wired up.

No matter what firmware you had on it X1 and Y1 would always work, dual enables X2 Y2.

I could be mistake on if it was X1/Y1 or X2/Y2 as I was going off memory. All I know is only one of my X and Y motors are working, the other two don’t move and are easily moved when pushed.

I will snap some pictures tomorrow morning when I’m back at the shop, thanks for all the help Ryan.

Easiest way to check is run an M119 from repetier and let us know what the output says.

Here is the status of the end stops, is it weird that it only shows min and not max?



09:19:00.138 : Reporting endstop status
09:19:00.138 : x_min: TRIGGERED
09:19:00.138 : y_min: TRIGGERED
09:19:00.138 : z_min: open

So after doing some deductive reasoning I remembered I purchased my dual end stop kit and Rambo 1.4 board separately due to the board being out of stock. I could have purchased the wrong version of the board which lead to it having the non deal end stop firmware on it. Anyway, figured it out and everything seems to be working well.


10:08:30.846 : Reporting endstop status
10:08:30.846 : x_min: open
10:08:30.846 : x2_min: open
10:08:30.846 : y_min: open
10:08:30.846 : y2_min: open
10:08:30.846 : z_min: open
10:08:30.846 : z_max: open
10:08:45.255 : N133 M11943
10:08:45.255 : Reporting endstop status
10:08:45.255 : x_min: TRIGGERED
10:08:45.255 : x2_min: open
10:08:45.255 : y_min: open
10:08:45.255 : y2_min: open
10:08:45.255 : z_min: open
10:08:45.255 : z_max: open
10:08:59.318 : N134 M119
10:08:59.318 : Reporting endstop status
10:08:59.318 : x_min: open
10:08:59.318 : x2_min: open
10:08:59.318 : y_min: TRIGGERED
10:08:59.318 : y2_min: open
10:08:59.318 : z_min: open
10:08:59.318 : z_max: open
10:09:32.412 : N135 M11945
10:09:32.412 : Reporting endstop status
10:09:32.412 : x_min: open
10:09:32.412 : x2_min: TRIGGERED
10:09:32.412 : y_min: open
10:09:32.412 : y2_min: open
10:09:32.412 : z_min: open
10:09:32.412 : z_max: open
10:09:42.756 : N136 M119
10:09:42.756 : Reporting endstop status
10:09:42.756 : x_min: open
10:09:42.756 : x2_min: open
10:09:42.756 : y_min: open
10:09:42.756 : y2_min: TRIGGERED
10:09:42.756 : z_min: open
10:09:42.756 : z_max: open

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