Down low enclosure design

Hey guys! I’ve gathered and printed all my parts for a 30”x30” Primo build and then got in my shop and realized I don’t have a space for that. So I designed a 4’ x 9’ all in one work bench that houses my table saw, miter saw, drill press, air compressor, and my Primo. I took inspiration from a woodworking magazine post of this guy’s out feed table where he had his Shapeoko underneath.

My question tho is does anyone else have their mpcnc down low? Is it going to be a huge pain in the ass? Most of the builds I see have it at bench height.
I’m not completely done so I could switch it up a bit but curious if anyone else has experience with their cnc under a bench.

Pics of my bench so far:


Only problem I can foresee is a sore back as I got older. Well that and with my disorder, how am I to work on 6 projects at once, using all of the tools?
Nice looking build!


That looks awesome.

For most cnc work it is a few minutes of set up for an hour or two of watching. Then it sits for a while between projects. So I don’t think the ergonomics are that bad. It might be even easier with some cases to reach the back or insert material. Just don’t drop anything in it, and don’t forget about it.

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I know it wouldn’t make my knees happy, and they already do enough snapping, crackling , and popping in the morning. :scream:

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Air lift cylinders could elevate the whole bench to where the CNC bed would be at comfortable working height. Or maybe a scissors lift…

Just kidding. Looks like a great solution for maximizing use of your space. If you decide to close in the area with the CNC for dust/chip control, I’d suggest leaving yourself the option of some sort of “slide through” access for longer work pieces.

Haha you’re kidding but I have some air lift cylinders and I actually thought about that.

I have a full sheet of lexan that I’m using to fully enclose it. I’ll make sure to keep the panels removable for those long pieces.

Or hinge the bottom edges to still constrain as much of the dust as possible.