Doing a light table with ZenXY

Hi guys,

just came over this project and am stunned.

However I have an idea for a modification which I think could be interesting.

I would like to mount it beneath a glass surface which is covered with glow in the dark foil and use a UV-LED on the sled to draw on that.

I have not researched the glow time you can archeive with short exposure to a UV Led but maybe somebody of you has experience with this materials?

I am very interested what you think of this idea.

best regards


From what I’ve seen, it only glows for a couple minutes.

You are thinking that instead of magnet, you’d have the LED? That would work fine.

The UV LEDs I’ve seen do work pretty well, but as Barry said, after a minute, they are tough to see, and it has to be pretty dark. Any other party lights would drown it out.

If you wanted to do this, I would start very small, like 8"x8", so that it could draw everything quickly. I would start with patterns that looked good even if they weren’t 100% finished, like geometric things. If you draw your mother’s face, some of it will be dim before it’s finished. If you’re drawing stars, then some might go out, but so what?

The next step would be controlling the LED with gcode, then you could essentially “lift” the pen and draw independent objects.

I think this is a great idea and you should try it.

We have some glow in the dark stars, and the led from this kit, and they work surprisingly well together:

Can’t you buy sheets of UV reactive paper? Maybe that’s a good place to start.

I know this thread is a year old, but I built this project which would give you a good idea of how it would work. (The video is not of my finished project, but of the someone else).

It works well. Give it a look.