DIY 100w CO2 Laser Build. Need Opinion’s

Welcome @Joshua_g! Do you happen to know any marketing/sales folks at MonPort? Got a MonPort Laser I can borrow/have to test making specular holograms? Consider liking, subscribing and smashing that notification bell. Cheers!

Noticed they’re based in Seattle near me, and have been wondering whether laser based specular holograms will be significantly better than CNC’d ones…

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It’s spam. New user, copy pasting the text in all the topics with a laser. Happened a few days back as well but got flagged by me immediately.


Little behind on this thread as I’ve just joined the forum.
I’m a big Co2 laser guy. Have 2 in the basement and have had one in my middle school classroom for about 7yrs now.
If you really want to learn how to use a co2 check out sarbar multimedia on YouTube. He’s awesome and has loads of mods done to cheap Chinese lasers, most of which I’ve done myself.

Alternate option to building would be importing direct from a Chinese manufacturer. I did that at my last school and got an amazing machine at a fraction of the cost of buying in the US.

One thing I did pick up from skimming the threads is looking at cheaper eBay tubes. I would recommend avoiding this, especially if you want cutting performance. Those tube will probably be B grade tubes that would work fine for engraving but won’t give the beam intensity that is needed for cutting.
Cloudray is a reputable company that I have worked with for years to buy lens and tubes etc… from.
I recently started at a new school and purchased a machine from them that is a great machine.
If you have any question on operation hit me up but I certainly haven’t built a machine, just don’t lots of mods to a few.